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Business Conditions for Prospective Tenants As of June 1st, 2015

Commission-free placement services for tenants
The brokerage services of Wolfgang Sigg GmbH, Zimmer-und Wohnungsvermittlung, MrLiving, Mitwohnzentrale (in the following called MrLiving) are free of commission for the tenant, according to § 2 article 1a WohnVermittG.
Rental offers
The prospective tenant (in the following called tenant) will receive rental offers from MrLiving via telephone or in written form (e-mail or fax). Should the tenant already have knowledge of an offer, he must inform MrLiving immediately and, if requested, provide proof of his previous knowledge.
Confidentiality of rental offers
The tenant may not disclose rental offers he received from MrLiving to any third parties. The rental offers are intended for the tenant alone. In the event of unauthorized disclosure, the tenant may be liable for damages (if the unauthorized disclosure of the rental offer intended for the tenant results in MrLiving no longer being able to successfully rent out the apartment).
MrLiving is not part of the rental agreement
The contractual obligations according to the rental agreement apply only to the tenant and the landlord, not to MrLiving. MrLiving cannot be held responsible by any of the parties for a violation or breach of the rental contract.
Duty of disclosure
The tenant is obligated to fill out the registration of his apartment search on truthfully.

If the tenant concludes a rental agreement, either orally or in writing, for a property that was offered to him by MrLiving, he must notify MrLiving right away (no later than within 24 hours) and upon request provide MrLiving with a copy of the rental agreement.

If the tenant extends the lease beyond the initially agreed upon rental term, once or multiple times, he must notify MrLiving right away and in advance, and provide MrLiving with a copy of the rental agreement, if requested.
Applicable law, place of jurisdiction, and severability clause
For the broker request of the prospective tenant, the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany apply.

Munich is the exclusive place of jurisdiction, provided the tenant is a merchant or a legal entity under public law or a special fund under public law, or if his place of residence is located outside of Germany.

Should one of the preceding provisions become partly or fully invalid, the validity of the rest of the provision or the remaining provisions are not effected. The tenant and MrLiving are obligated to replace the provision that has become invalid with a new regulation that comes closest to the original intention and is not contrary to the rental contract.
Protection of your data
Your data will be treated confidentially and used only MrLiving within the rental.

Also you have to treat the landlords datas confidental.

HomeImprintGTCs LandlordsGTCs TenantsData ProtectionOffers list